Could Food be Affecting My Mood?


It’s Monday and I awoke this morning crying. No, I wasn’t crying because the weekend is over although, maybe I should be crying about that. I had a great weekend and I while I should have been happy, I was feeling the blues. I began to ponder about what was triggering the tears but I couldn’t identify a situation that would be causing them.  After not identifying an emotional reason for the sadness, I began to think back to what I had eaten over the last few days. I came to the realization that I had indulged in foods with dairy.  This past weekend, I attended a wedding where the food was delicious. I couldn’t resist trying everything.  But how can dairy be the culprit? Dairy and I have a love/hate relationship.  I love dairy, but dairy affects my mood. It causes me to become sad and weepy so I generally stay away from it.

Can food really affect our moods?  Absolutely!  Before I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2011, I suffered from unpleasant mood swings.  Since childhood, doctors thought I was depressed or was suffering from PMS.  I felt as if Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde had invaded my body.  I had depression quite often and it wasn’t until I removed the gluten from my diet that my emotions normalized and I felt happy and calm. I couldn’t believe that food could play such a role on the body and the mind.


Here is a great article from Dr. Mercola that expands on the subject.


If you have unexplained mood swings or crying fits, keep a food journal for a few weeks. Make note of what you are eating, the emotions you are feeling, and if there is an external reason as to why you are feeling that emotion (are you lonely, angry about something, etc.) After a few weeks, you may be able to identify a pattern.  For me, the sadness comes about a couple of days after I’ve eaten dairy (I adhere to a very strict gluten free diet so gluten is never a problem).  You’ll begin to see that you may not be moody or emotional but rather, your body is reacting to certain foods. Know that you are normal and there is nothing wrong with you. Remember, food is medicine!

Happy Monday!

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