Gluten Free Easter and Passover Candy

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Easter and Passover Gluten Free Candy List

We all know that sugar consumption causes inflammation in the body, yet a sugary treat around the holidays can be tough to ignore. While a sugar free treat would be better for your health, Easter and Passover holiday candies are tempting. Those with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity are looking for gluten free safe options for their kids or for themselves. Here is a list of some popular candies to satisfy that sweet tooth. You’ll be happy to know that Peeps is included in the list.

Easter & Passover Candy List

For those looking for sugar free options, one of my favorites is Lily’s Chocolates. They are sweetened with stevia and come in non-dairy options as well as dairy options. Lily’s also makes wonderful chocolate chips. I’ve tested these chips against my 3 year old nephew and he loved them. I didn’t tell him that they were sugar-free. Shhhh….

For those who are chocolate purists, Lily’s, as well as Pascha, makes delicious 100% Cacao unsweetened chocolate. I like to use these brands to make homemade sugar-free chocolates using non-sugar sweeteners like Lakanto Monk Fruit and/or Swerve. Most noteworthy is that these sweeteners do not raise blood sugar. You can find them on Amazon or Thrive Market.

The key to managing these treats is to choose one piece, enjoy in moderation, consume consciously without distraction, and savor every bite. Most of all, be sure to stay properly hydrated, and eat protein and fat at meals.  Doing so helps maintain satiety and decreases cravings for more sugar.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday season!

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