How to Avoid Ordering Takeout

loading dishwasherI know, I know. I missed last week’s Monday Wisdom. Forgive me?

I have a good excuse.  I was celebrating my nephew’s high school graduation with him and the family. We are all so very proud of his accomplishments. Congratulations, Andres!

Today, I want to share with you a tip I use to make home cooking easier and to avoid calling for takeout.

We all know that home cooked meals are better for you and your body. You get to control the ingredients, the food is fresher, more nutrient dense, and home cooking, in my opinion, tastes much better.

But how do you feel about cleanup?  I have to admit, I am a messy cook and I dread the cleanup. After preparing my meals, I’d wind up with a sink full of dishes (did I mention, I am only cooking for one? Oh, and my dog, Sasha). When the next round of meals come around, the flame of desire for cooking is extinguished because I am very aware of that my dirty pots and pans await their baths. It is in that moment of dread, that takeout begins to seduce me. The internal battle rages in my head begins. I know takeout would not be good to my body as I would feel bloated after consumption. I would be spending money unnecessarily and the delivery would take longer than it would take me to wash the pot and prepare my meal.

Who wants to wash dishes when you are hungry? Wouldn’t you rather be doing something fun? No offense if washing dishes is your thing.

One day, I went to make myself a cup of tea. I poured water into the cup and then put the cup into the microwave for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

I decided to see if I could unload the dishwasher before the microwave timer went off. I discovered I was able to do so within that short period of time. But what about loading the dishwasher?  I put the timer on again for the time it would take for the tea to steep.  After another 2-3 minutes, my dishwasher was loaded and ready to be turned on.

So what is the takeaway, you ask? The takeaway is that the chore we dread may not take longer than 5 minutes.  Play “beat the clock” with yourself. Put on high tempo music and get the chore done. Cooking is so much easier when your tools are readily available.  Load the dishwasher before you go to bed. When you wake up, you will be ready and more apt to cook and feed your body right.

Happy Monday!

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