Living in a Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Paleo World

Yesterday was another life changing moment for me in the world of food. As I sat with my new Naturopathic doctor discussing my ailments and learning about how to heal my body, she told me that I need to change my diet once more from Gluten- and dairy-free to Gluten- and Dairy Free and Paleo. What??? Not only did the Celiac disease take away my beloved baguette and ruin my gut for my second love, cheese but now I will have to cut out all grains and legumes as well? What else is there for me to eat?

After a few hours of contemplating the inevitable words I knew someday I would hear (I had thought about going grain-free for a while but was avoiding the decision) I decided that I would heed my Naturopath’s advice and embark on this new odyssey. As I was thumbing through the pages of Cooking Light Magazine recipe books, I realized that I could remake them to fit my new lifestyle and still enjoy delicious food while healing my body. Meals don’t have to be boring, I just need to get creative! So I am looking at this as a fun and exciting new challenge in my life; one that will only bring me great joy and make me feel more vibrant than I do now.

I am hoping that in the coming months, I can share with you my journey into this brave, new world I am traveling to and let you know how it is working for me. Stay tuned!

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