Living La Vida Paleo

Since my last entry, my naturopathic doctor had ordered a series of blood tests to figure out why I was having hormonal issues that was not consistent with my age. She had asked me to embark on the Paleo diet while we were waiting for the test results. I have to admit I have struggled with the Paleo lifestyle.  Four years ago I had to readjust my life to one free of gluten when I was originally diagnosed with Celiac disease. Now with the new Paleo diet, I had to take a moment and “mourn the loss” of additional favorite foods. After complaining to my naturopathic doctor that the Paleo lifestyle was “too hard”, I took a moment to feel the emotions this change was causing me. I preceded to have my tantrum and once I had pinpointed why I was rebelling I decided that I could and would be able to once again make my new lifestyle fun. My blood tests had come back and it showed that my body was not processing carbohydrates as my doctor had suspected.  I had always known that my body responded better to protein and vegetables than it did to grains but I ignored that fact because I wanted to continue enjoying the variety of foods grains afforded me.

Once I had made up my mind, my next step was to pull out all the Paleo books and cookbooks from my book shelves and read and learn about what I needed to do.  I also made a list of recipes that I knew would make this lifestyle change not only doable but enjoyable.  After all, what kind of life would it be if I, a self proclaimed foodie, did not continue to enjoy delicious and spectacular foods??

I made a shopping list of the items needed for these recipes and set on a journey to my favorite healthy grocery stores for them. Upon returning home, I emptied my kitchen cabinets of all foods that did not meet the Paleo approved list.  I set aside a specific day to prepare a week’s worth of meals so that I had no excuse not to eat well and to adhere to the plan.  I even went a step further and reorganized my pots and pans and other cooking tools so that cooking would be easier and the kitchen more efficient.

I am committed to me and healing my gut that has been ravished for years from undiagnosed Celiac disease.  While it is definitely better then it was four years ago, the damage from this autoimmune disease is still present and I know in partnership with my great doctor, we will heal my body once and for all.

Join me and make a commitment to yourself, your body and living a spectacularly gluten free, Paleo life!


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