Essential Oils

Essential oils are a wonderful addition to your health journey. However, it is important to remember that essential oils have therapeutic properties. Learning how to properly use them and which are safe for children and/or pets is equally as important. Some plant oils are toxic to animals and babies. There are educational resources below.

Young Living is one of the essential oil companies I use. One of the things that I love about Young Living is the array of essential oils they offer. You can get a bottle of a single flower or herb or you can find a blend for whatever situation you need. They also provide information to help you learn how to properly use the oils and to help others with their journey.

To get your starter kit or to help others learn about essential oils, you can click here. Be sure to enter Sponsor ID # 1625226.

Essential Oils for Pets – A Quick How-To

An Essential Oils Users Guide to Aromatherapy 

Guide to Diluting Essential Oils for Kids and Babies

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