Speaker Services

Need an Expert Speaker at your next event?

We help individuals make the connection between nutrition and the financial bottom line.

Whether you are looking for corporate wellness seminars for your employees or a talk for your organization’s event, we can offer an array of presentations.


“As a corporate wellness director, I wanted to have someone come speak about the importance of financial wellness and how much it has an impact on our physical/mental health. I love that she is knowledgeable in both fields, both wellness and financial. She was the perfect fit!”

“Elizabeth provided practical tips for employees to incorporate into their lives to eat better, live better, all while cutting costs and saving money. She clearly has experience in her field and has a positive way of delivering it.”

“Her financial wellness seminar was different than others I’ve attended. She demonstrated how nutrition affects our financial bottom line. That’s a unique concept and one most people would not even think exists.  She was very engaging with the group and stayed well after her allotted time to answer all questions.”

“She is charismatic, engaging, and has an upbeat personality who really engages her audience.”

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