My Approach

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I specialize in identifying and addressing imbalances in the body that’s attributed to nutrition deficiencies. I work one-on-one with individuals by exploring nutritional options to help in restoring the body’s functions and finding solutions to improve their overall health and wellness.

More and more studies have concluded that most health problems are associated with poor nutrition choices that do not support good health. This has been linked to the fact that our current health system works to cover up or mask symptoms relating to our health and overall well being with the use of modern medicine. I would like to state that I do not diagnose or treat disease. My role as your Nutritional Therapist is based on a bio-individual and personalized approach where I take the time to investigate any dysfunctions within your body and provide you with the support and education needed to restore balance and strengthen to your body.

Prevention of future degenerative health issues is my goal.

My goal is to work with individuals to identify any deficiencies, target the triggers and symptoms, followed by a thorough investigation of any imbalances in the body. Together, we create strategies to help support the body towards good health.

There are several tools used to assess nutritional deficiencies. The one that I frequently use is the Functional Evaluation (FE). This is a unique tool for assessing and addressing nutritional deficiencies and imbalances in the body. The FE, coupled with a foundational approach to nutrition, makes the recommendations I offer more powerful and customizable than any other nutrition program available in the world. My focus is to encourage clients to reclaim their health by becoming more aware of their options, rather than resorting to pharmaceutical drugs or surgery. I offer a step-by-step, foundational approach that emphasizes nutrient-dense, properly prepared foods and targeted supplementation as required.

Some of the other tools I use include:

  • Detailed health history interview
  • In-depth nutritional assessment to analyze symptom burden
  • Food journal analysis
  • Functional evaluation
  • Lingual-Neuro Testing (LNT): a biofeedback tool that uses the body’s innate intelligence to determine which specific nutrient(s) can work to correct imbalances/deficiencies
  • Specific add-on testing as needed.

Using all the information gathered, I help determine the right foods for you that supports and respects your individuality to provide optimal health. I work to create a personalized and realistic plan to address your unique needs and goals to fit your lifestyle.

You are a unique individual and you have specific genetic, ancestral and geographical makeup that determines your own unique nutritional needs. The number one cause of many nutrition program failure is because they take a “one size fits all” approach that ignores bio-individuality. The evaluative measurements technique that I apply allows me to identify specific nutritional deficiencies and imbalances in the body. I will provide you with the truth about real food and nutrition as well as the support needed for you to make lasting changes. These steps will help you be successful in your pursuit of improved health. Nutritional therapy creates lasting changes because of this holistic, functional approach..


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