“Through our sessions and your analysis, we changed my diet and it changed my life. You said it may take some time for my body to adjust, and I can say that a year later, my body has stabilized. I did lose about 15 pounds and kept it off. Feels good, and my wife enjoyed changing up my wardrobe. While I did start taking statins for cholesterol before your analysis, I did not reach doctor acceptable levels until after we met. I attribute this to the combination of your help. I no longer have that frequent cycle of bloating after and between meals. I no longer have mid afternoon crashes of incessant yawning. I no longer have rabid hunger pains in search of my next meal. I don’t eat as much quantity of food and I’m just not as hungry in general. While that sounds like a simple summary, there are of course other considerations of food intake based on your guidance that I follow. I would not have pursued this change without your analysis and help. So, again, thank you.” – Steve D.






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