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Awarded Finalist – Next Generation Indie Book Awards (April 2016)

There are many types of relationships-relationships with yourself, others, your career, your creativity, and your money. When one or more of these kinds of relationships, called Soul Nourishing FoodsTM, are out of balance, your health and happiness can be compromised. This book will help you understand the thirteen relationship types, how they affect your health, and how you can begin to nurture them on your path to a life of abundant joy.
““This is a beautiful account of a personal journey from the painful depths of emotional crisis to the redemption of a life of fulfillment. Elizabeth takes the holistic approach and integrates the nourishment of the soul and body. Her message is simple yet powerful and poignant: be One-to yourself and the harmonious Universe.””– Marion Betancourt-Albrecht, MD

“Elizabeth’s personal journey is inspiring, and from it, she has created a comprehensive and practical guide to bringing more balance into your life.”” – Nicole Egenberger, ND, Clinic Director, Remède Naturopathics Integrative Clinic for Natural Medicine


BLHL Finalist Indie Book Award 2016



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